How To Add Download Button on YouTube Page

Addoncrop's free browser extension is the easiest and secure way to adds a Download button.

Do you want to download videos on YouTube, but you can’t? It might be because of some copyright issues. When you download a video, it means you own it.

Although YouTube’s mobile app have a download option but if you are using YT on a PC, you won’t see the download option. However, you can still download YouTube videos on a PC by adding a download button on the YouTube page via the Chrome extension.

There are multiple chrome extensions that enable you to download YouTube videos, but in this article, we have explained the easiest and most secure way to add a download button on a YouTube page by using Addoncrop.

Why Doesn’t YouTube Have a Download Button?

According to YouTube’s Terms and Conditions, users are not allowed to download any videos from YouTube. Because of copyright issues, YouTube doesn’t have a download button. YouTube wants its users to develop loyalty to the platform. So because of these reasons, YouTube doesn’t have a download button.

Add Download Button on YouTube Page With Addoncrop

Addoncrop’s YouTube Video Downloader has a wonderful and free Browser Extension which adds a Download button on YouTube page. It allows you to download YouTube videos in different video qualities, ranging from 360p to ultra-high definition 4k. Supports all formats, including AVI, FLV, WebM, MP4 and MP3 without size and length limits.

This Chrome extension is also available on Firefox, Safari, Opera, Edge, Brave, and many more web browsers. Just follow the below steps.

  1. Visit Addoncrop’s YouTube Video Downloader official website.
  2. Click on “Add To Chrome”. It will ask you to install the Foxified, first.
  3. Click the “Add to Chrome” button and add Foxified extension to chrome.
  4. It will start to download and install “YouTube Video Downloader” extension.
  5. Click on “Allow Permissions” and start using download button on YouTube.

Once the extension is added, you can go to YouTube and play any desired video. You will see that there are download options beneath the player.

Click on the first video icon, then choose the format and resolution to start downloading a video.

What More You Can Get Using This Chrome Extension?

Besides the video downloading feature, you can get an MP3 downloading option. You can also download thumbnail of the video. If YouTube supports subtitles of videos, you can download the subtitles. Moreover, you can take a screenshot. You can enable dark mode, picture-in-picture, cinema mode, and many more features.